A lot of men are lazy, even in relationships. Just because they have run 2 kilometres they think they can slowly walk or even worse, take a break. This is far too common and usually nothing changes because the girl gives in to his laziness. Nagging him like a mother would will also not bring the relationship to a better stage.

Before it becomes official, the man goes all out to chase the girl. Once the girl is moved, he gets satisfied that the girl becomes part of his reality. Then he will do all those normal things a man would do for a girl but nothing advances. He feels safe and is not willing to try more. This is their comfort zone. Once it is formed it takes efforts to crush it. The man has become lazy.

The thing to do is to keep him wanting you. Can you make the chasing of you a lifelong “fight”? Of course, emotions may get in the way but unless something is done, everything stays the same. Why do some men sing of losing their girls and seem to be in deep pain? It is because the girl gives up and the comfort zone is removed altogether. Then the memories of the sweet past he never cherish that to haunt him. Well, keeping the number of such men down is doing good for the world.

There are a few things that can be done. Make rules about your relationships early on, even if he frowns at them. This lets him know that you are not a easy catch. One of the most effective ways is to let him see that you are as desirable to others as to him.

Keep your usual activities and do not let him dominate your life. This way he has more reasons to try harder to get your attention. Do not always return calls. this is to make him feel panic. Find his weak spots and use them if you feel the need to, no matter how painful it may seem. Do not agree with everything he says, let him know you have a mind of your own and that you will not believe everything he says to be the absolute truth. Still go out with your friends and even take a break away from him once in a while. Absence make the heart grow fonder.

The key is never let him be too comfortable about the relationship. The best thing to do is never allow the comfort zone to form in the first place.