If you do not know how to satisfy a woman sexually, you are most probably heading for a break up. Woman don’t want a quick fumble or the same thing over and over again. They are longing for some variety but most of all, they want satisfaction. If you are siting there now thinking of “different position?” you are close but not close enough. Women don’t class orgasm as satisfaction. Orgasm is satisfying (apparently) but it does not mean they are completely satisfied. 

Here is a little tip: One of the easiest way to learn to satisfy woman in bed is to learn to be considerate. Intimacy doesn’t have to be about intercourse and foreplay should play a vital part of the process. If you get the foreplay right, everything is pure gold. The foreplay has to be gentle and stimulating too. 

Learning to satisfy woman sexually isn’t about having sex with here four times in one night. If you are able to get it right, once is good enough. You see, satisfaction is all about how you treat her and her body. If you get her arouse and while she is enjoying it but you move on, that will kill the mood and sensitivity. If you can see that she is enjoying herself, stay where you are and add something else, don’t take away the pleasure all together. 

Kissing is one of the most stimulating acts of love and women can’t get enough of it. Gently kissing her lips while stroking her arm, thigh or abdomen will soon pick up the beat. You will know this by her changes in her breathing. Keep this going for sometime and move around from her lips to her neck and shoulders as she enjoy and it also give her some time to catch her breath. This is only one stage of satisfying her, there is a lot more. 

Her nipples will get very sensitive during foreplay so make sure that you are gentle on them. Don’t forget  that the nipples are attached to her breast, thus they are also entitled to some stimulation. So many guys overlooked the breast and just concentrate on the nipples. 

If you intend to satisfy woman sexually,it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Some of the things you know right now will stimulate her and satisfy her if you do it properly. SO before you lose her forever, do something to sexually satisfy and keep her forever.