Commitment seems to be such a thing that is to be wished, not to be forced. Some relationships go into marriage just after months, and some still remain as courtship after years. Many women are agitated just thinking about this vast difference. It’s not as much about freedom rather than how he feels with different women. In his mind, some are “girlfriend” material, and others may qualify as “wife”.

Some women may have come across an uncommitted, broke up with him, and discovered that he married another woman months just later. What would be done to stop being a “loser”?

There is a way to try to make the man commit. Although it sounds weird, you should not keep thinking about “commitment”. As they say, your attitude will show on your face and your actions. Instead, be cool about the subject and act like you are never desperate. This mind games take an effect on our behavior subconsciously.

The key is to allow him to approach the subject, instead of you. Men hates to be controlled, thus talking about commitment puts them off. Men like to chase things, and he hated being chased, therefore the strategies used before are all wrong. Pretend that’s its okay that he does not commit. Do not approach the subject yourself; act like you don’t care. Let him approach the subject instead, and you will be successful in your quest for commitment. Let him feel that you are giving him freedom to do as he pleases. There are actually few things a man like more than a woman that lets him does as please. When he feels that such a woman is hard to come by, commitment will come out. Keep trying to make him feel that you are “the one”.