Many women find it very hard to convey to men what they really want in bed. This is due to reasons from lack of self-confidence to lack of self-awareness.

There is another reason is what make relationship, sexual or otherwise fail: The expectation that men can read women’s mind and know what they really want in bed!

It is possible for men to discover what work best for you. But this type of men are dedicating himself to be a fantastic lover, a rare breed. Not all women have the luxury of having a men skilled in bed.

To experience better sex, you should know what turn you on, love yourself enough to take compliments as they are provided. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Clear your mind

If you are self-conscious about something, your mind will focus on that thing and you will not be able to enjoy sexual pressure. So better get rid of what is bothering you even before you engage in sex.

For example, if you’re always insecure of how you smell down there, then make it a point to shower before engaging in sex. If you are afraid that you might accidentally pee while making love, then you should go for a bathroom break before doing it.

Know what turns you on

How would you be able to guide him into what bring you pleasure if you yourself doesn’t know what does? Some women have a hard time figuring out what turn them on. Comparing this to men, most of the time, men are so easy to turn on.

This actually can be a fun time for you. To know what turn you on, maybe you can try buying some romance novel or even sex toys. You will have to do some self exploration on this because unlike men, turning a women on is less ‘clear cut’. Once you know what turn you on, start experimenting with him on bed.

Understand that men are not mind readers

You have to get this straight. Men are not mind readers. They are not able to instinctively tell you what bring you the most pleasure. Communication is the key to ensure that he knows what work for you and keep doing it. So if you already know what turns you on, don’t be afraid to tell him how best to pleasure you.

Be specific

For example, if he is ‘eating you out’, tell him how you want to be licked and where. Again, communication is the key to maximizing pleasure in bed. The more you know about yourself and the more you communicate with him, the more pleasure you will have. The wonderful part is that you will enhance your relationship with him by making intimate communication a regular activity in bed.

If you can orgasm by yourself, you can orgasm during sex

Take control of your own orgasms and don’t be ‘dependant’ on him to give it to you. You can guide him to help you during sex. but the quickest way to reach an orgasm is to help yourself. There is nothing wrong with it and both will be happier in the end.