Recently at a Just for Singles seminar, the following common sense ways of saving a relationship from breakup is shared by single men and women in attendance. We will highlight her some of the common sense ways to save any relationship from a break up before and after marriage. 

Be proud of your looks

Single men and women seeking a long term relationship that will eventually lead to marriage should be proud of their looks. Never consider your size as an obstacle for finding a wife or a husband of your dream. Whether you are fat, thin, tall, short, dark, there will b someone out there who God has made just for you. He or she will appreciate and love you dearly no matter how you look. However, if you have met your partner, make sure you work on maintaining the shape and size that your partner saw the first time. You must use your common sense here in order to save your marriage from breaking up. If you were skinny when your partner me you, maintain your shape. That could be the one reason why your partner was attracted to you in the first place. 

Look for a compatible partner

Remember to apply wisdom while in relationship with opposite sex. You should be wise in choice making thoroughly observing to know if you are compatible with the man or woman you are in relationship with. Most married couples today are sad and regretted the choice they made because they just jump into marriage without knowing their partner long enough. 

Do not reveal everything about you 

Another common sense way to save your relationship from breaking up is this. Be wise not to reveal immediately after you start a relationship with your potential life partner. It is the wrong presentation of you in the relationship. Personal relationship about each other should be known gradually as the relationship develops.  Do not reveal to the new person you are dating fundamental family secrets, like curses, hereditary problems or a sickness until the relationship has fully grown.

Study your partner’s character


In order to save your relationship from a break up, you must fully study your partner before being carried away or infatuated and announcing to the whole world that your partner is the best person for you. You should not introduce somebody you just met to friends and family members as your future wife or husband until you have fully studied his or her character to know the person actually wants to marry you or ready to be committed to a long term relationship.

Avoid rumours and gossips in a relationship

When you hear negative reports about the person you are dating, investigate and be sure before taking any actions. Some serious relationships have experienced sudden break ups because one of the partners was told the boyfriend is always seen with a girl without finding out about the girl is. Rumors and gossips are capable of causing relationship break ups. Do not be surprise to see a once loving partner suddenly behaving strangely because of a false negative report picked up from others.

Avoid Arguments

Another common sense way to save your relationship from a break up is to avoid arguments. Be smart and avoid arguments with your partner. To the ladies reading this, know today that men do not like argumentative women. Desist from this habit. Shouting or arguing constantly with a man can break up the relationship you have built over the years. Do not use abusive words.


Do not receive gifts from a man or woman you do not love or intend to marry. “Nothing goes for nothing”. If you keep receiving gifts from the person you do not love, you will pay the price on day. Do not place high monetary value on the gift from your partner. Show appreciation and love. Your partner can use gifts to know the type of person you are. The manner you give and receive gifts can be use to determine your character. This is another commonsense way to save your relationship from a break up. Most people do not know this.