You will reach a point where, no matter what city or area you live in, you will never get enough date or dates you are currently having. If you have been dating without success and your big events have constantly been turning into dating flops, maybe its time to find a group of singles who are looking for the same thing as you are. 

Its time to join a group where people wants to talk to you and buy you a drink. If you find yourself constantly left on the crub and have just about given up on love then its time to make an 8 minute speed date and meet your match. 

8 minute seed date is not like any other dating where you have to spend hours of thinking what to say and before you knew it, the night has gone by. If you dislike the last four hours of silence, this article is for you, read on. 

8 minutes dating is one of the new ways for those who were busy and don’t seem to have time to go outevery night or every weekend. These ‘speed dating’ events are held offline around the countries by various match making compaines. At those events, you have 8 dating partners and each one-on-one session last 8 minutes each. If you meet someone in the event that you wish to know more about, the event organizer will be able to provide you with the contact information.

Suprisingly, about 90% of such event succeed with at least one party wanting to meet their prospective partner again. Now this seem to shock me because if you think about the hassle that you need to go through to get one date, getting 8 dates in one night seem like a no-brainer and is actually a very good time saver. 

However, only 60% of BOTH singles want to see each other so don’t take it to heart if your prospective partner may not want to meet with you. Since that is going to happen anyway, you might as well speed up the proccess instead of spending money in the bars only to realize that the lady you are trying to date isn’t into you. 

With that in mind, it sounds that the 8 minute dating seem to get better and better each time. But really, is it safe? In a word, yes. 8 minute dating is sometimes held in the restraunt or somewhere public and is hosted by the company who bring everyone together, so you won’ be going to a place by yourself with a stranger. Also, most companies keep your details confidential until you wish to meet them again. At that point, its up to you weather you want to continue with the company or you wish to organize your own personal dating. 

What are the benefits of the 8 minute dating?


1. It’s faster than a normal date and you meet real people who you never have to see again if you don’t wish to, without hassle.

2. Everyone’s here for the same reason, to meet someone, so you’re guaranteed not to chat up someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend by accident.

3. You only have to talk for 8 minutes. If you don’t like the person, you only have to endure them for 8 minutes.

4. 8 dates in 1 night, this is not going to happen in a bar. Serious time saver.

5. There are mingle periods during most events where you can talk to anyone there. So if you get landed with 8 lemons by accident, this will be your chance to stalk, err I mean talk to Mr or Miss right.

6. Most companies hold competitions on the night to liven things up.

Now that I am intrested, how do I go about to one of these speed dates then? 

1) First, you need to find a speed dating company that holds these offline events. Most online dating sites don’t do this as they are targeting ‘online dating’, not ‘speed dating’, though there are a few online dating companies who does speed dating occassionally. 

2) Usually, registeration is free but you will have to pay for the event itself. Again, this is well worth it and cheaper than going on 8 different dates. Also, it’s going to be safer as you are in a public and controlled enviroment and there are staff who could help you. 

So stop wasting time on 8 different dates and start speed dating now!